We're proud to be a sponsor!

Our Programs


The Happy Husky Bakery is proud to support many local school and other charitable neighborhood organizations.

This past year we have donated over a thousand dollars of Gift Carts, Merchandise and Freshly Baked Treats to many worthy organizations.

Although our ability to contribute is limited, we are always pleased to consider your request.

Happy Husky Member Rewards

When you join the Happy Husky Member Rewards Program all of your purchases earn points toward Gift Cards as a rebate on your purchases. Join now!

$1 = 1 point
300 points earns you a $15 Gift Card
600 points earns you a $20 Gift Card
900 points earns you a $25 Gift Card

The best thing is once you are registered you only have to doÖ.. Nothing. We keep track of your points and send out the rewards quarterly once you have reached each level. What could be easier? Nothing! And, as a Happy Husky Rewards Member you will also get periodic e-mail newsletters with great pet info and special offers from the Happy Husky Bakery. When you reach 900 Points your account resets to zero, and you start over. Also, there is no time frame to earn your points. (They donít expire) When you reach your awards level, you reach it whether it is in one month, one year or one decade. We are here for you at the Happy Husky Bakery where Astaire and Ginger love to give you the treats!

Please note that all aspects of the Happy Husky Member Rewards Program are at the discretion of management and may change or cancel at any time.

Wholesale Buyers

As we continue to grow our in-store and web-store retail shopping, we also welcome an opportunity to discuss wholesale bakery product sales to complimentary organizations.

Give us a call to discuss your ideas, needs or requests.