Our Treats

All of our treats are hand made with care by our chefs!

Our Treats

What Makes Happy Husky Bakery Treats So Special?

We use “Human Grade” , All Natural Ingredients in our treats. We do not use artificial preservatives of any kind in our treats.

Our goal is that our treats are as Healthful and Nutritionally Sound as they are pleasing to the eye.

We have developed and continue to develop treats to address specific dog issues such as Obesity, Allergies and the dreaded Doggie Breath.

Our recipes were developed through vigorous market research and testing with many sizes and multiple breeds of dogs. Through this testing we were able to develop treats that dogs and their owners really love. (We have also developed a baked cat treat as well.)

We are licensed by the State of IL Department of Agriculture as a Pet Food Manufacturer. They hold us to high standards of consistency and quality. Ask your local dog treat store if they can say the same.

We use very healthy ingredients including: Chicken, Turkey, Bacon, Sweet Potatoes, Cranberries, Low Fat Cheese, Salmon, Yogurt, Carrots, Molasses, Honey, Peanut Butter, Safflower Oil and we do not use bleached flour. We use flours such as Whole Wheat, Brown Rice, and Oat Flour. For those furry friends who have grain allergies, we also make treats with Garbanzo Bean Flour.

We think it is fun to have decorated treats too, but we keep our decorations simple in order to not add too much more sugar to your pets diet. We do not add extra salt or processed sugar to our treats. We think we have the perfect combination of fun and healthy treats.

We bake with real care and love as you can see in the pictures on this page. We love what we do and we know your furry best friends will taste the love we put into our treats.

Stop in anytime if you would like a tour of our store and bakery. You will be able to smell the aroma of healthy treats that make dogs happy!

Kelly will be happy to show you around and let you know which treats are their favorites!